Get digital assets and multiple blockchains data in postman with our API collection!

Setup is quick and simple! There are 3 steps we will follow to be able to interact with Amberdata APIs with Postman.

Before We Begin

You must download and install the Postman App here: Install Postman

1. Download Collection

Click the following button to get the latest API collection, a json file we will import in the next step.

Download API Collection

2. Import

To import the Amberdata Collection into Postman, click Import in the upper-left corner.

Click "Upload Files", and select your downloaded Amberdata API Collection file.


3. Setup environment variables

Before you can start making requests, we need to add Environment Variables! 🛠

Environment variables make it easy to manage your api key and API endpoints across the entire API collection so you dont have to do a lot of setup on each request! 🆒

Click the settings icon in the top right of postman (next to the EYE icon): ⚙️

You will need 3 configurations

  1. API_KEY: YOUR_API_KEY - This is the API Key for your Amberdata Account
  2. url: - The API endpoint for all REST services
  3. rpc_url: - The API endpoint for all RPC services

See example here:


4. Start using Endpoints! 📊

For a quick test, let's use "Market Rankings" endpoint to see the latest cryptocurrency ranked assets by market cap.

  1. Click on the left side list item "Market", then click on the endpoint "Market Rankings" halfway down.


  1. Click on the top right blue "Send" button, and you will get results back!


  1. Let's say you want to get CSV from this endpoint, just add a new query params item, by adding ?format=csv to the url. Click "Send" again, and results will be in CSV!