Blockchain Data

Fundamental network activities and metrics built on scalable infrastructure backed by data you can verify.
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Raw Blockchain Data

Faster & better access for blocks, transactions, contracts, tokens for multiple blockchain networks. Start integrating with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and more.

Account Balance & Activity

Harness the power of blockchain to get insight into full historical activity for all accounts. We provide an efficient, low-latency solution for wallets, dApps and traders that require operational context and portfolios in real-time without running a network node.


See the future; watch transactions inflight in the Mempool before they are incorporated into a block. Identify large movements to or from exchanges or an address of interest.

dApp Activity

Bring powerful blockchain features to your application without needing to run any nodes. Easily get started by using our APIs and SDKs for common decentralized application use cases. Our APIs are JSON-RPC compliant enabling quick setup or replacement within your current application architecture.

Token Prices & Metrics

On-chain events and data for every token combined with Level I and Level II market data across the top exchanges enable intelligent operations with the context needed to be successful.

Flexible Access: Websockets, RPC & REST

We offer blockchain streams including validation data, enabling wallets, investors and developers to build scaled applications on top of on-chain data. All websockets are JSON-RPC compliant making Amberdata a drop-in setup or replacement for any application.