Market Data

Build data driven applications for research, trading, compliance and custody with a robust set of data and tools
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Tick-by-tick & historical price data

Streaming Level I and Level II price data enable real-time decision-making. Manage price and liquidity risk with market data, charting and analytics. Retrieve live & full historical prices for any specified crypto asset with a ticker symbol or blockchain address.

Exchanges & Pairs

Covering 2500+ digital asset pairs and over 20+ exchanges, traders, liquidity providers and OTC desks rely on our real-time data solutions to inform business objectives, meet regulatory obligations and develop trading strategies.

Reference Rates

Delivering real-time and historical reference data to meet your trading and compliance needs. Volume Weighted Price (VWAP), Time Weighted Average (TWAP), Average Price on and across exchanges. Best Bid and Best Offer data (BBO) give you visibility into spreads and potential slippage.

Order Books & Trades

Low-latency access to real-time and historical market microstructure data are critical for training models, and managing risk, or even selecting which venue to trade on. Tick-by-tick order book events and 1 minute order book snapshots available via WebSockets and REST.

Spot & Derivatives Markets

Visibility into global price discovery and market depth on all major spot and derivatives exchanges. Open Interest, funding rates, and liquidations provide critical context so you can act decisively.